Manhattan Memories

Michael Morrows
Your New York City Tour Guide !

What People Are Saying !

Best time of my life following him around New York City !
April Cumbee Smith,  North Carolina

Once again, your tour was rated a 10 !  Totally enjoyed our tour in Chelsea yesterday
from Manhattan featuring the highlights of Chelsea to the Chelsea Pier, the Bateax, the
Highline and the Chelsea and Limelight Marketplaces.  It was a superb day and looking
forward to the next tour.
Marcia,  Telcordia Technologies for Sparkle Tours, New Jersey

Thank you for all of your wonderful insight, your patience, your guidance and your
knowledge ! You have made our New York City experience
so memorable ! You're the
best !
 Drama/Humanities Teacher, Nate Smith, Butler Traditional High School
                                                                           Louisville, Kentucky

On behalf of both myself and my entire family, I just wanted to thank you for making
our first trip to New York City a fantastic experience.  I find myself wanting to spend
more time exploring the sites you showed us.  New York was a lot nicer than I
expected.  With your knowledge of the history and the sites, I was blown away!  Great
job and keep up the great work !
Mike Alonzo,  Arizona

In fifteen years, I have never once been disappointed in Mr. Morrows performance and I
could  never have managed without  him.  An excellent experience for all of  my
students,  a hero to all of us, as a measure of  his success,  the number of students has
grown from 16 in 1987 to 56 in 2001.  Michael Morrows knows how to arrange our
schedule to squeeze in as much as possible in our short time frame and offers reasonable
prices and the very  best of service.  I consider  him the best in the business  !
"I always feel absolutely secure when you are leading my troops through the streets.  
You made me feel like a cherished friend and an honored guest.  I appreciate your
attention and  your generosity.  You are the real magician who makes it all work and I
am so thankful I found you ! "
Drama Teacher, Fredia W. Summers, Miami East High School, Casstown, Ohio

.              For fourteen years, Michael Morrows has been the epitome of  knowledge,
compassion,  patience, and  resourcefulness during our NYC Tours.  Had it not been for
these outstanding qualities, our trips would not have been so memorable and  fulfilling.  
We appreciate   all the  "little extras"  he does to make our visits so gratifying.  We
always leave with a deeper friendship and a more thorough understanding of why this
city is so special--because Michael is such a special guide.  "Michael, my students and
Brunswick County Women love you !!! "                             
State Teacher of The Year,  Melba Johnson,  Shallotte, North Carolina

Michael is the benchmark by which I judge all other guides - both internationally and in
the U.S.  His knowledge, wit and charm will make your tour memorable  Your
passengers will love him ! You want the best ? Then Michael''s your man !
Tour Manager, Harlene Ames, ITMI, IATM, Mayfower Tours, Chicago, Illinois

"Michael Morrows is the best tour guide in New York City !  Look him up if you
are wanting a trip there.  He's great with the School Groups !
Coach  David Green, Red Bank Middle School, Tennessee

Mr. Morrows provided a spark of bright light, handling the group from the Mater
Hospital from Dublin, like the professional that he is.  Literally,  Michael  was my
saving grace.  I would recommend him strongly for any group going to New York.  
                                 Kent P. Hendrickson, SBI Maritz, Dublin, Ireland

"Your sharing of facts, trivia, your concern for our enjoyment, we're always
pleased when we see you approaching  the coach at Days Inn - we know the hours
to follow will be memorable ! Thanks for doing your customary exceptional job !"   
                  Alice Hensch, Cleveland Southeastern Trails, Bedford, Ohio

"Thank you for the wonderful week we spent in New York !  Much of our
enjoyment was a direct result of your efforts.  Your knowledge and passion for
the city of New York was so very evident…As a guide your extension of these
feelings truly made everything exciting.  I have never experienced a finer  tour
guide anywhere."
Conductor, Richard L. Hahn, Forest Lake High School Band,  Minnesota

"The people were very impressed  with all your knowledge of Ellis Island, the city
and of all the famous residents.  You are one of  the special  people we have met
around the country."
               Crystal Mumma, Mumma Tours, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

" Sincere thanks for helping to make our New York trip such an enjoyable one  
                    David W. Hays, South Side Baptist Church, Fort Smith, Arkansas